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Warm Up: the reasons for internationalizing the company

It’s time to warm up a bit with internationalization! The reasons to internationalize Companies very often, yet erroneously, think that internationalization is a process exclusively reserved to large companies. Companies that can afford large and dedicated organizational structures and big budgets. Actually internationalizing a business means developing and customizing a vision that fully involves the […]

Export Training Lab presentation

The PMC Export Training Lab welcomes you to its Training Lab for internationalization. From here we will introduce a series of guidelines for companies interested in exploring the foreign trade environment, after which we will do warm-ups in order to be prepared to the field. A simple training program will whet your appetite for a […]

Warm Up: The preliminary check-up

It’s time to warm up a bit to internationalization! The preliminary check-up This training session will address the theme of Export Readiness. In other words, to check whether the company is ready to engage in internationalization projects and what may be the macro areas to focus our attention on filling any gaps there may be. […]