Export Training Lab presentation

The PMC Export Training Lab welcomes you to its Training Lab for internationalization.

From here we will introduce a series of guidelines for companies interested in exploring the foreign trade environment, after which we will do warm-ups in order to be prepared to the field.

A simple training program will whet your appetite for a serious, structured and in-depth study of what is necessary to enable companies to compete globally. Why companies should approach internationalization, what to do to figure out if a company is ready and how to bridge the gaps; which are the markets to choose from and how to evaluate them.

Then there will be training, logistics, financial aspects, trading strategies and much more at the PMC Laboratory:

Warm Up

  • The reasons to internationalize the company
  • Preliminary “check-up”
  • Solid financial footing
  • Classify your products
  • Select the markets
  • Where to find information

Basic training

  • Selection of in the market entry methods
  • Finding partners
  • Evaluation of the cultural aspects
  • International Products and pricing policies
  • Legal Considerations
  • Country Risk
  • Taxation and other administrative aspects

Specific training

  • Logistics
  • Export Documentation
  • Financial risks, payment methods and foreign trade

Final Sprint

  • Paving the path to sustainable growth
  • International marketing, business missions and sectorial trade fairs
  • Internet and foreign trade
  • Sales Management Project

The PMC Coaches are ready. Are you?

Follow us. One training session at a time.