Why PMC?

Because PMC is born out of the strong need to provide companies with tools and concrete knowledge, in order to obtain tangible and measurable results. Tools and knowledge are multiple and constantly evolving; we at PMC are constantly involved in deepening everything a company can implement to improve its performance. Each company is unique and the mix of tools and knowledge for improvement needs to be customized.
Our work starts with the precise identification of business needs, and then moves to arranging, together with the client company, a plan of action in line with business strategy. The whole is synthesized in virtuous cycles of analysis, programming, action, verification and engineering of excellent processes, tools and behaviors. Operations may concern the entire company, the single department, the managers, the project team or the individual resource.

PMC develops skills within organizations and managers’ performance by engineering processes through three approach levels:
Management for operations on processes and operating tools
Coaching for soft skills
Teaching for technical expertise

The PMC team comes exclusively from direct experience in Italian and foreign companies both as entrepreneurs and as managers. Only by comprehending the managerial vision, having experienced it in first person, can you understand how to direct your business choices and how to guide resources, the core patrimony of each organization. Emphasizing what’s available, with limited investments that generate a strong mid- to long-term impact!
Become a Sparring Partner, Mister, Coach. alongside and within the company.

Where can PMC be the Coach? How can it help Small, Medium and Consolidated businesses?
In the following areas:

  • Financial area;
  • Administrative area;
  • Management control;
  • Corporate and M & A;
  • Sales Area;
  • Internationalization;
  • Assessment – evaluation of business departments;
  • Business Coaching for Managerial Performance Development;
  • Group and intergenerational performance development;

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