Business Coaching

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” (Henry Ford).

We believe that every company is unique and that it is worth highlighting its winning features through the use of specific methods applied with constancy and discipline.

PMC operates through three different approaches:

  • The Business Process Management approach is aimed at improving business effectiveness by defining, optimizing, monitoring, and integrating processes and tools used by the company.
  • The Business Teaching approach is aimed at improving business performance through the development of the specific technical skills of its resources.
  • The Business Coaching approach is specifically dedicated to soft skills development, to how resources act, interact, and react within the business organization to improve performance, especially in the strategic role of managers, and favour their personal growth.

Through the power of the psychometric survey that is the result of the Six Seconds® experience, Wave Coaching is the tool that helps you identify resource talents and develop development plans that lead to improved performance.
The Wave path, based on emotional intelligence, is a journey in which you work with resources on emotional and cognitive skills, providing a concrete way to plan and achieve set goals and make optimal decisions.

Companies will be able to develop individual and team intelligence enhancement pathways that enable resources to obtain full awareness of their potential, to build and manage working teams effectively, to develop leadership and orientation to work to meet targets.

How can PMC help you? Personal development

  • Build your leadership and develop your managerial style
  • Develop skills to collaborate in teams and make winning projects
  • Speak in public and create effective presentations
  • Organize and manage business contacts
  • Manage trading effectively
  • Organize work time according to priorities
  • Improve your business performance
  • Develop adaptability in a greatly changing environment
  • Make optimal decisions in ever-evolving contexts

Team Development

  • Value resource contributions within team working
  • Team Leadership and Strategic Leadership for Project Success
  • Project Management: team organization in projects
  • Prepare and conduct effective meetings
  • Develop the potential of collaborators for the growth of the organizational structure
  • Manage change in organizations

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