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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit (Aristotle)”.

In the various life stages of the company, planning and control are fundamental tools for the success and development of business ideas. Our Mission is to work together with the management of the different business functions to build an effective planning and control system that reflects the nature of the company’s business and style.

So what exactly is this system and why is it useful? From the procurement of financial resources in line with the development plans to the construction of an effective planning and control system of financial flows, simple and basic, that allows a rapid improvement of trading and investment decisions through which the company can quickly move in the marketplace. From the tools for refining management control to analysing data, to constantly monitoring the success of projects and outlining future strategies, for the short and medium term. From the careful administration to preparation of the financial statements, from ensuring the effective reporting of business transactions and compliance with the laws on accounting and financial statements. The accounting and financial data thus become an effective means of guidance and an effective component of the dashboard of indicators that influences business decisions. It is an ongoing communication tool with those who have interests in the company, i.e. the owners, directors, suppliers, banks.

Due to a constant monitoring and preparation of a system that provides the required information, will allow prompt, preventive and remedial actions necessary to achieve the established business objectives more steadily and effectively.

As a coach you can decide your own calendar and follow your own pace. A habit that becomes a company of excellence!

How PMC can help?

·       Preparing a cash flow system for managing cash flows

·       Monitoring the flow and creating a financial budget in support of business development

·       Preparing documentation to access calls for tender and support in application process

·       Accessing financial resources and managing relations with financial institutions

·       Economic budget and periodic reporting

·       Administration management

·       Drawing up financial and consolidated statements

·       Supporting M&A operations and listing transactions on the Stock Exchange

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