Small businesses

Small but Growing

Small businesses must present their products, services and business ideas to the financial world (banks and investors), find new sales outlets in order to create a solid foundation for future developments.

PMC can assist companies with their own financial and commercial services based on an assessment and proposal of activities, tools and procedures that will allow companies to launch new financial relationships, prepare the necessary documentation to obtain contributions and to introduce to new members and partners, to identify new trade routes, in Italy and abroad.

The coaching logic at the base of the PMC Mission will allow the company to do just the know-how needed in order to carry out independently the same activities in the future. The Small Business will monitor the results of their choices and their activities periodically and manage insured flows from the business in order to ensure the realization of the objectives set.

You will have to choose the route for your development, the best mode of financing and reporting it both  inside and outside the company.

This is how PMC can help:

  • Internationalization and export
  • Direct marketing initiatives or coaching of company’s internal resources
  • Raising of financial resources and management of relations with financial institutions
  • Implementation of a reporting system in line with the business carried out and the information system used to implement monthly or quarterly closing accounts ;
  • Implementation of the administrative and internal accounting processes
  • Planning and control of financial flows
  • Controls and analysis of company KPIs
  • Sizing of the capital requirements and planning of cash flows

The Small Business grows only if it faces new challenges, constantly monitors its results and strengthens its structure.

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