Internationalizing your company: opportunities or difficulties? Complication or simple evolution?

Some believes that internationalization is even useless. 80% of Italian companies do not work across borders, not even occasionally. The remaining 20% sees in foreign trade a large slice of their inalienable turnover.

So why and how to decide whether to go international? Because internationalizing means opening the company to the global environment by giving it the opportunity to meet and learn a new way of doing business. There can be many different reasons: globalization, growth, expansion, image, profitability. In any case, it is an investment in the future.

How? Through a gradual process, PMC makes you aware and teaches you about new aspects of your business and how to “do business” in the international arena.

How PMC help?

  • Realization of export check-ups with analysis and basic strategic planning, including the selection of export tools;
  • Website adaptation and promotion;
  • Economic intelligence and competitive analysis;
  • Market analysis and geographical area selection;
  • Setting up appropriate financial plans and support in finding the resources;
  • Selection of business partners;
  • Organization of fairs, trade missions and meetings abroad. PMC can operate either independently or with the existing marketing team.

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