Entries by Team PMC

Warm up: Selecting foreign markets

In this training session we’ll take a look at how to plan an analysis of target markets and classify them so we can make an easier and more logical choice. We should point out first of all that any method or technique used will not exempt the working group from subsequently assessing the data resulting […]

Warm Up: How to catalogue your products

In this training session we are going to analyze an aspect that may seem to be of a strictly technical-logistical character but can also serve to identify potential markets, complete profit and cost assessments and gauge the competition. Why should you catalogue your products? And what is the Harmonized System? In order to get a […]

Warm Up: Solid financial bases

In this training session we’ll take a closer look at the financial aspects tied to an export project. In the previous section we hinted at some strategies that might be adopted and their implications from a financial standpoint. It is worth mentioning them briefly: – Direct or indirect entry into the new market – Time […]